Project Details

Date: February 14, 2019

WellTraxxRM software, online development permit and payment processing, ongoing administrative support.

For rural municipalities managing oil and gas development, the piles of paper can get pretty high. And when you are one of the largest municipalities in the province at over 280 square miles and home to a massive oil and gas play those piles of paper can get overwhelming. WellTraxx began working with the RM of Kindersley in 2014, and we were amazed at how on top of the process their administrative team was considering the volume of work they were dealing with. But it took a massive amount of time and effort to manage. Everything had to be done the hard way because that was the only option available. We began by transitioning their municipality to our WellTraxxRM software to replace their Excel record keeping system. With this new tool, they could automatically match approved development permits with monthly provincial drilling licensing updates that we provide all of our clients. Suddenly they could easily track and manage how many wells were being drilled each month, who owned them, which had outstanding fees owing and more. This freed up many hours of administrative time that could be allotted to other municipal business.

In 2015 Kindersley was one of the first municipalities in the province to adopt the WellTraxxRM online development permit application system, which connected them to their energy company partners to receive and process new applications, and capture any licensing fees via Pay Pal at the time of application. This eliminated the need to print off emailed applications, capture signatures, scan and return. It also completely eliminated the invoicing process for licensing fees, and the need to track and manage accounts receivable after the fact. It also gave them the ability to connect their administrators with their councillors through mobile technology, so applications could be reviewed and approved “on the fly”. Having completed over 1100 approvals since 2015, WellTraxxRM again streamlined the entire process and has been very well received by the municipalities energy company partners.

And in 2017 the RM of Kindersley was the first municipality to engage our administrative team to assist them with the monthly management of their oil and gas assets. This included assisting with the invoicing of monthly fees, accounts receivable reporting, the energy company and SAMA communications and more. This expanded to include an ongoing pilot project for 2018-2019 to develop a digital mapping system to help the municipality better manage taxable oil and gas equipment and pipeline infrastructure moving forward. We are very thankful for the opportunity to work with progressive municipalities like the RM of Kindersley, it has been an absolute pleasure for our entire team.

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