The relationship Welltraxx has with Hutterite Colonies has been around for nearly ten years. 

During trying times it’s easy to focus on the negatives. We wonder, what could have been and when will this end?

But there are moments where you step back, take a breath. You realize the moments that got you to this point will be the same that ensure you get through the rough patches.

At WellTraxx we have plenty to be thankful for. A dedicated, resilient team that continues to get the job done. Supportive and understanding families that realize the “new normal” is anything but. And clients that have been there for us every step of the way, patiently letting us navigate some new ways of doing business. Those clients are everywhere and anywhere from Cold Lake, Alberta to Waskaka, Manitoba. Landowners with five wells, municipalities with thousands, all unique and all we are so lucky to work with. We want to highlight more of those relationships in this space going forward but one that stands out is one that has been there from the start, and that is with the Hutterite Colony community.

It was about this time in 2011 we approached our first prospective colony client, to review our new service which would simplify the management of their oil and gas assets. We asked if they would be willing to take it for a test drive and if they liked it maybe tell a few of their neighbouring colonies. They did better than that. They liked it, then they asked their accountants to put on a meeting where we could introduce this new service to several of their other colony clients.

It was one of those moments where at the time we probably didn’t truly comprehend the impact that gesture would have.

Now looking back, there simply aren’t words to describe how fortunate and thankful we are to have been given that opportunity. Fast forward nine years and we are lucky enough to work with over 70 colony clients across Western Canada, and it all traces back to that day. It’s a relationship that helped make our company what it is today and one that has grown and evolved every year.

Each June we host colony appreciation meetings to share the latest industry information and trends,  and to say thank you while sharing a meal. It’s one of the events our team really looks forward to, so it’s disappointing world events won’t allow us to have those gathering this year. So we just want to take the opportunity to thank the Hutterite Colony community for your continued support, kindness and generosity. We hope you and your families are staying safe, and we look forward to seeing you for a visit again very soon.