Saskatchewan rural administrators all have one thing in common; Too much to do, never enough time to do it. So in 2014 we set out to make their life a little easier when it came to managing oil and gas development by introducing WellTraxxRM. We wanted to eliminate piles of paperwork, the need for  follow up invoicing and all of their accounts receivables generated from licensing fees. So as our system approaches 5000 development permits processed we decided to ask, just how much of a difference has this system made for you?

“ Honestly, I think at least half our time is saved. I literally open the application on my phone, and text the survey right to the councillor for approval, which is nearly instantaneous. Nothing is done by email” explains the RM of Moose Creek CAO Sentura Freitag.

And what about having provincial well licensing information automatically attach to your permits as they are issued? This used to involved searching through spreadsheets or hard copy individual documents then manually merging them.

“It’s the online database of applications linked to their licenses that I value the most. It’s so much faster and easier to find what I am looking for rather than searching my physical filing system and scanning emailing” Sentura continues. “ And I am also very happy that all of my applications come this way as they have to prepay them, and that includes our pipeline and miscellaneous projects.”

For us it doesn’t get much better than that. Moose Creek is a large, progressive rural municipality whose history with oil and gas development goes back to the 1950’s. If we can create value for Sentura and her team, then we are likely on the right track.

And hey, we have likely even saved a few trees along the way as before WellTraxxRM each of those 5000 applications and survey plans would have had to be printed off. At an average of 5 pages each, so far we have helped keep 25,000 pieces of paper from going through our clients printer, then piling up on their desks!

If you are ready to get well connected with your energy companies like never before, and start processing your new oil and gas development permits in half the time touch base with me today at