Our team at Welltraxx is excited to announce the official launch of our WelltraxxCM (Consultation Manager), a first of its kind.

This technology tool is designed to streamline the Metis communities’ interactions with the energy industry during the consultation process. This is the third online software tool introduced by the company, with their original WellTraxx software for Western Canadian landowners launched in 2009 and WellTraxxRM for rural municipalities in 2013. WellTraxx Ltd. co-founder Kris Bower spearheaded the development and launch of WellTraxxCM which he says is the product of a special long-term relationship his company enjoys with the Metis communities.

“They were some of the early adopters of our first software platform so they could more easily manage the oil and gas development on their lands,” Bower explains. “Over the years we have been able to better understand some of the unique challenges the Metis have when it comes to looking after these assets, so when they began to express a need for a tool to manage the consultation process it was a very natural fit”

The Alberta government can decide to trigger the consultation process when it is deemed a natural resource project could potentially affect Metis traditional use or harvesting areas. The more timely, efficient and transparent the process is, the better it is for all parties involved. WellTraxxCM introduces a live chat tool, online payment processing, paperless technology and more to take all three of those elements to the next level. The software was designed with input from the Metis communities and the energy industry, an approach Bower says his company has always followed.


“What makes us unique is we are not a tech company, our entire team’s background is in the oil and gas industry,” Bower explains. “We provide solutions for clients that have challenges when it comes to managing oil and gas development, and we strive every step of the way to deliver tools that are win-win for our clients as well as the energy industry.”

WellTraxxCM officially launched as of September 2019 with four settlements adopting the software as their primary communication tool for the consultation process and with significant interest from several other communities. Bower says its always satisfying to bring new ideas to life and see them create so many benefits for his clients.

“We have had the honour of working with the Metis communities for a long time, and their support was integral to the survival of our company in the early years,” Bower says. “So to be able to work with them on this project, and deliver some common sense solutions that make their life a little bit easier has been very satisfying for us.”