“Stay well connected.” Huh, now why didn’t we think of that?

Like most new(ish) businesses we at Welltraxx have known we need to do a better job of connecting and communicating with our clients. Of telling the world who we are and what Welltraxx is all about. But then the phone rings, another meeting pops up, or it’s time to get the little guy to another 4:15 hockey practice, and suddenly your business is nine years old. You suddenly realize it’s time to focus on what you are good at and get some help with what you aren’t.

So our Welltraxx crew teamed up with a local Medicine Hat marketing genius (more on her later), and it took her about three minutes to capture it for us. WellTraxx is about staying well connected. It’s perfect.

Landowners are now connected with what’s happening on their land with Welltraxx software and administrative services. We save our clients time so they can spend more of that precious time staying connected with their families. Rural municipalities use our technology to connect their administrators and councillors to simplify processing of development permit applications. Working with Alberta Metis settlements is about understanding and respecting their unwavering connection to the land and their culture, and how oil and gas development can affect it.

So here we are, standing on the start line ready to launch a new brand, a new website with some new friends that are going to help us tell our story. Because after nine years it’s no longer about what we think we can do for you. If you are a landowner, rural municipality or Metis settlement we will make your life easier. We will help you maximize the economic benefits of oil and gas development on your land. And we are pretty darn good at it because our clients tell us we are.

So hello world, WellTraxx here. We are looking forward to keeping you well connected (see what we did there).