Welltraxx launched its new software solution during the 2014 SARM Convention in Regina March 10-12, 2014. The new tool was designed to help rural administrators with the day to day challenges that come with managing significant oil and gas development within their municipal boundaries. Welltraxx has been working with landowners across western Canada since 2009 to assist them with their oil and gas holdings, and are pleased to have extended their services to rural municipalities.

“Landowners and rural municipalities have a lot of the same challenges when it comes to managing oil and gas holdings,” explains Welltraxx co-founder Casey Ziegler. “When development intensifies, so does the amount of paperwork and time-sensitive information you are dealing with.”

“A lot of our learnings from working with landowners were applied to the solutions we’ve developed for RM’s.”

The new RM software was designed throughout 2013 during a pilot project with the RM’s of Monet, White Valley and Gull Lake. By taking direct input from experienced rural administrators, Ziegler says they were able to develop the program to meet real, everyday challenges.

“We don’t develop solutions based on theory, it’s about understanding what the real challenges are and moving forward from there,’ Ziegler explains.

“It was a big project, but very rewarding to work with some talented rural administrators to create something that will benefit municipalities across the province.”