Welltraxx’s Hutterite Colony relationship is long standing.

The relationship Welltraxx has with Hutterite Colonies has been around for nearly ten years.  During trying times it’s easy to focus on the negatives. We wonder, what could have been

Lessons from the Home Office

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As we enter another month of our new normal, Casey Ziegler has some thoughts on March and the ups and downs of navigating business and social isolation. Keep reading to

Finding the Middle Ground

In my nearly 15 years as a licensed land agent, it’s safe to say we have never seen a business environment quite like this one. When we got started our

New challenges for landowners managing oil and gas assets.

There are new challenges for landowners that are trying to manage oil and gas assets on their land. Like anyone associated with the oil and gas industry, I can’t help

Welltraxx CM is live!

Our team at Welltraxx is excited to announce the official launch of our WelltraxxCM (Consultation Manager), a first of its kind. This technology tool is designed to streamline the Metis

Welltraxx is here for you.

“Stay well connected.” Huh, now why didn’t we think of that? Like most new(ish) businesses we at Welltraxx have known we need to do a better job of connecting and

Our humble beginning.

“I better take a hundred boys.” And with that, our first ever client slid a cheque across the table, and WellTraxx was officially born. He was the late, the great,