Complete Account Administration

You don't even need to own a computer to enjoy the benefits of WellTraxx. Many of our clients utilize the WellTraxx EliteĀ  service, where our experienced administrators take care of all the details for you.

Consolidate Your Data

Managing the information and paperwork that comes with your oil and gas holdings can be overwhelming. We'll summarize these agreements in your WellTraxx account, so this important information is at your fingertips and only a click away.

Automated Rental Review Alerts

Missing rental reviews means missing the chance to maximize the economic benefits of your oil and gas holdings. We've got you covered, with monthly email alerts or annual reporting that ensures you never miss another rental review.

What our Client Say

Helping farmers, ranchers and rural municipalities across Western Canada
WellTraxx simplifies the processes involved in managing surface lease revenue, thus allowing primary producers to focus on their production, with the guarantee that all of the potential income from surface leases is realized.

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Some of the unique features WellTraxx has to offer...

WellTraxx was developed with direct feedback from landowners managing oil and gas holdings. They told us what they needed, and we designed the features of the program to meet those every day challenges.

Accessible anywhere

With secure online access, you can manage you oil and gas assets anytime, anywhere.

User friendly software

The greatest strength of WellTraxx is its simplicity. The first feedback every user gives us is how easy the program is to use.

Offsite data storage

No worries if you have computer issues, once stored in your WellTraxx account your important oil and gas information and digital documents are securely stored and backed up by our data host.