Annual Subscription

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  • Accounts with 1-49 files (wells and Pipelines) $599/year
  • Accounts with 50+ files $999/year
  • Landowners receive time sensitive alerts on oil and gas holdings
  • Complete product training, ongoing technical support included
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Account Setup

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  • Client well and pipeline data loaded by WellTraxx administrator
  • Digitize files, upload survey plans, lease pictures, surface lease agreements, right of way agreements to WellTraxx account
  • Detailed final review of all data to ensure accuracy
  • Organize landowner paperwork with customized hard filing system
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Welltraxx Elite

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  • Complete administration of WellTraxx account by experienced oil and gas administrator
  • Ongoing account updates with new wells, pipelines, rental reviews, etc.
  • Coordination of annual rental review process with single report
  • Detailed annual financial reporting on request
  • Regular communication and follow up with energy companies as required
  • Contact us for details and pricing
Pricing Terms and Conditions All amouts shown are in CND dollars.