Development Application Processing

No more spreadsheets! Capture application details for wells, pipelines and power lines, save digital copies, automatically track fees owing and more.

Licensed Facilities Database

How many wells are within your RM? Who owns them and what is their status? It's all at your fingertips with your RM's customized licensing database.

Monthly Database Updates

Stay up to date with monthly database updates. As new licenses are issued, or well ownership and status's change you are on top of it.

What our Client Say

Helping farmers, ranchers and rural municipalities across Western Canada.
With WellTraxxRM we feel we are more on top of the details, when it's all manual it's much easier to miss something. Our well information is far more organized which makes it easier to search for specific wells when updating is required.

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Some of the unique features WellTraxxRM has to offer...

Innovation and technology is powering the growth of the energy industry within our rural municipalities. Now that same innovation and technology is available to those tasked with managing this growth.

Accessible anywhere

WellTraxxRM offers complete flexibility as a web based platform, allowing users to access their account from mobile, tablet and desktop.

User friendly software

The greatest strength of WellTraxxRM is its simplicity. The first feedback every user gives us is how easy the program is to use.

Seamless Product Updates

We're constantly evolving WellTraxxRM to meet your administrative needs. Updates are instant, and ready to go when you sign in.