• What is WellTraxx?

    WellTraxx is an online land management tool designed by two licensed Alberta land agents for landowners to track their oil and gas holdings. This program allows landowners to efficiently manage their well and pipeline holdings, ensuring key milestones are met, and saving landowners time and money.

  • Why should I use WellTraxx?

    Currently most landowners with oil and gas holdings rely on spreadsheets, paper file folders, and oil and gas companies to provide information and manage their holdings. Unfortunately this information can quickly become dated without regular attention and time-consuming maintenance. As a result time sensitive information can get missed, costing landowners time and money. WellTraxx is an online program which tracks time sensitive information for the landowner, alerting them when further management is required.

  • How does WellTraxx alert me when my attention is required?

    WellTraxx tracks data by its time sensitivity. When milestone items like rent reviews, damages, and initial payments are due, WellTraxx contacts the landowner with e-mail alerts advising them that their attention is required and providing important deadline context.

  • Who would use WellTraxx?

    WellTraxx is designed for landowners in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba who have oil and gas activity on their property. Whether you have 5 wells or 500, WellTraxx is an effective tool for you to keep track of them all without headaches.

  • How do I register for WellTraxx?

    Simply Contact Us and we will be happy to help you set up a WellTraxx account.

  • Can I authorize someone else to manage my well information?

    Absolutely! Once a client has registered with WellTraxx, they are able to customize their alert system to be handled by anyone they choose.

  • Does WellTraxx keep my information confidential?

    All WellTraxx data is held in strict confidence between WellTraxx and the user. A full privacy agreement is required at the time of registration. To review the WellTraxx Privacy Policy, click here.

  • Do rates automatically increase when I request a rental review?

    No. Many factors determine what rates are paid in different areas of each province. A rental review request is simply a landowners' opportunity to communicate with their energy company to ensure their rates are still current.

  • Does WellTraxx negotiate on my behalf?

    No. WellTraxx is designed only as a management program. All information is held in strict confidence, and any administrative services provided are only to help the landowner set up and manage their WellTraxx account.

  • I'm not sure I have all of my oil and gas data needed to load my WellTraxx account? Can you help?

    Absolutely. We work in collaboration with landowners and their energy company to ensure all information is up to date before it is loaded into WellTraxx. As well, we offer a complete range of administrative support services to help landowners organize and manage their oil and gas paperwork.

  • What payment options are available?

    WellTraxx is subscription based, and accept secured Visa and Mastercard payments on an annual or monthly basis. Refer to the Pricing page for more information on package costs.

  • What system requirements do I need?

    Supported web browsers that work with WellTraxx are Fire Fox version 3.0 or higher and Internet Explorer version 7 or higher. Mac users will have to manually enter dates rather than using the calendar tool; other than that it should work just like Windows. Mac users are strongly recommended to download Firefox which is a free download available here.

  • How does WellTraxx obtain my file information?

    WellTraxx has an easy online interface, allowing landowners to load and update their own data with the click of a button. For those who would like to have their account loaded for them, WellTraxx administrative services are available. To learn more about these services contact us. Once the initial information is placed in the system, WellTraxx runs like clockwork.

  • I still have more questions!

    Just visit the contact us page and get in touch. We'd be happy to talk to you about any questions you may have.

Why WellTraxx?

 Your oil and gas holdings are important to you. They create annual income, they add value to the land, they influence how you plan for the future.

Since 2009,  landowners just like you across Western Canada have relied on us to help them better manage their oil and gas holdings. Ninety per cent of them recovered the cost of our program in the first year. We've built our business on our reputation, with clients referring us to their neighbours. We would love to get to work for you today.

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