• What is WellTraxxRM

    WellTraxxRM is a web based software program designed to simplify the management of oil and gas development for rural administrators. It allows administrators to easily capture new oil and gas development application details, track fees, upload and save digital documents and refer to a customized database of existing licensed facilities within their municipal boundaries.

  • How does WellTraxxRM improve my current management process?

    Currently, the only tools available to rural administrators to manage oil and gas development are spreadsheets or other manual tracking systems they have created. With WellTraxxRM, once a new application is added the process of assigning license numbers, tracking fees and updating ownership and status of the facility becomes automatic. This leaves you more time to assign to other areas of municipal business.

  • Who should use WellTraxxRM?

    Any rural municipality within the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba that is experiencing oil and gas development will benefit greatly from adopting WellTraxxRM as a management tool.

  • Do we have to load our own database?

    No, we take care of all setup of your WellTraxxRM database. We load the details of all your licensed oil and gas facilities within your municipality, and link the associated tax information to give you the most comprehensive resource tool possible. We deliver your program ready to go.

  • How do we keep this database current?

    With your WellTraxxRM subscription you receive a monthly database update of all licensed facilities, so you can stay on top of any changes in ownership, status, etc.

  • How many users does our subscription allow us?

    We like to keep things simple. Your annual licensing fee allows you to add as many users to the system as you want.

  • Are we charged for the digital data we store in WellTraxxRM, such as digital applications, survey plans, etc.

    No, with your annual licensing fee you can store as much digital data as you like.

  • What if I need help?

    Our team of oil and gas professionals are only a phone call away, ready to provide comprehensive product support and as much staff training as you require.

  • How do we register to use WellTraxxRM?

    Simply Contact us for a complete program walkthrough, and arrange a formal quotation based upon the number of licensed facilities you have within your municipality.

  • I still have more questions!

    We would love to hear from you, simply visit our Contact Us page and touch base.

Why WellTraxxRM?

To deliver effective oil and gas management tools, you need to understand the oil and gas industry. We combined our 20 years of energy industry experience with the input of some talented rural administrators to create a tool to meet the every day challenges that come with managing oil and gas development. Looking for a simple way to manage oil and gas development? We're here to help.

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