Enerplus & Penn West Exploration

  • Landowner expectations are set by the energy companies that consistently create good experiences with their professionalism and commitment to maintaining positive business relationships.

  • Since January 2010, landowners across Western Canada have been incorporating WellTraxx as their oil and gas asset management program. With the cooperation of their energy company partners, our clients were able to access their most up to date surface lease and right of way agreement information so it could be utilized in their WellTraxx account. By recognizing the value of helping their lease holders "get organized," these companies extended a courtesy that demonstrated their commitment to positive working relationships with their stakeholders.

    WellTraxx is proud to be a source of good news for both the agricultural and energy industries. Below are examples of some of the positive experiences our clients have had when conducting business with the energy industry.

Penn West Exploration

  • WellTraxx gives Penn West a chance to have a better relationship with all of their landowners.

  • Bill Dillabaugh of Coleville, Saskatchewan has always understood and appreciated the benefits created by his oil and gas holdings. Finding the time to manage them has always been the challenge.

    "Before WellTraxx, our system consisted of a box of paper you basically had to chase the mice out of," explains Dillabaugh. "It was becoming nearly impossible to keep track of with all the other duties that come with operating a large farm."

    Dillabaugh employs a part time book keeper to help him manage his mixed farming operation, including his oil and gas assets. Even with the additional help, it was difficult to track surface lease payments, especially when leases began moving from one company to another. "There just wasn't a formal tool available for us to use, and even with a part time book keeper it was difficult because it seemed like the leases were changing hands on a monthly basis," says Dillabaugh. "We didn't know how to keep track of them, or even who to talk to about it. With WellTraxx all that information is at our fingertips."

    By establishing a WellTraxx account and getting their oil and gas paperwork organized into a manageable hard file system, the process has become much simpler. "WellTraxx is simple to use and makes my life a lot easier," says Dillabaugh's book keeper Jackie Resch. "I think it's great."

    Dillabaugh also acknowledges it was a lot easier getting organized with the help of Penn West, who hold the majority of his surface leases. By providing him with a detailed summary of his surface lease holdings, it simplified the process of setting up his WellTraxx account. It was a courtesy Dillabaugh appreciated. "WellTraxx gives Penn West an opportunity to have better relationships with all of their landowners."

Penn West Exploration

  • By working with me to utilize WellTraxx, Penn West shows they respect that my time is valuable as well.

  • Grant Armstrong of Bassano, Alberta has been managing oil and gas holdings on his ranch for many years. In addition to the many responsibilities of running a large ranch, the avid pilot says finding time to properly manage his oil and gas holdings was often difficult.

    "We've been waiting for a tool like WellTraxx on our ranch for a long time," explains Armstrong. "Because it wasn't feasible for me to be quitting my day job to dedicate the time actually required."

    With significant Penn West holdings on his land, Armstrong appreciated them working with him to utilize the WellTraxx program. With their cooperation, he was able to request all of his 2011 rental reviews in one report, and complete them in one meeting. "It's a system that has worked really well for us," says Armstrong. "It makes the whole process a lot more pleasant."

    "By working with me to utilize WellTraxx, Penn West shows they respect that my time is valuable as well."

Penn West Exploration

  • We are very happy with the WellTraxx program, and really appreciate Penn West's cooperation throughout the process, they have been terrific to deal with.


  • For us the greatest benefits of WellTraxx are the time it saves us and the accuracy of the system. We now have resource material available to us so when we speak with our Enerplus representatives, we know exactly what we are talking about. And by working with us to utilize the WellTraxx system, we were able to save over 40 hours of our time to complete our Enerplus rental reviews this past year. We believe WellTraxx creates efficiency that benefits both the landowner and the energy company.

Why WellTraxx?

 Your oil and gas holdings are important to you. They create annual income, they add value to the land, they influence how you plan for the future.

Since 2009,  landowners just like you across Western Canada have relied on us to help them better manage their oil and gas holdings. Ninety per cent of them recovered the cost of our program in the first year. We've built our business on our reputation, with clients referring us to their neighbours. We would love to get to work for you today.

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