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Got Wells? Get WellTraxx

Looking for a simple way to manage your oil and gas holdings? We are WellTraxx, and we’re here to help.


Get Organized. Stay Organized with WellTraxx

Tired of managing your oil and gas holdings with an outdated spreadsheet? That pile of paperwork only getting larger? We give you the tools and administrative support to get the job done right. You’ll save time. You’ll make more money. Let us show you how.

Rural Municipalities

Dynamic software. Common Sense Solutions with WellTraxxRM

As a rural administrator, we know time is your most precious commodity. We created WellTraxxRM to help simplify the management of oil and gas development within your municipality.

Who’s Using WellTraxx

Helping farmers, ranchers and rural municipalities across Western Canada

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    R.M. of Monet No. 257
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    Kings Lake Colony
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    G.W. Murray Ranches Ltd.
  • image
    Short Grass Ranches Ltd
  • image
    Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement
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    Maple Creek, SK
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    Tilley, AB
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    Dodsland, SK
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    Gull Lake, SK
  • The WellTraxx administrative team takes care of the oil and gas details, which allows us to spend more time focussing on our business.

  • With WellTraxxRM we feel we are more on top of the details, when it's all manual it's much easier to miss something. Our well information is far more organized which makes it easier to search for specific wells when updating is required.

  • I was a mechanic for 25 years so I know a good tool when I see one. WellTraxx delivers a lot of value for us.

  • The WellTraxx Elite program provides Short Grass Ranches with a valuable management tool and I would recommend their services to anyone with a number of oil and gas leases on their land.

Supporting you with over 20 years of energy industry experience

With WellTraxx, you get much more than just software solutions. What makes us truly unique is the benefits we create for our clients by giving them access to a team of experienced oil and gas professionals. The help you need is only a phone call away.